INEXCO provides modular plastics belts, which are the most reliable and cost effective solution available amongst entire range of suppliers available on earth.

Usual bricklayed pattern but most effective and easy to clean drive side, no worry to find the right place for the sprockets, just place it any where in the width.

Patterns and Perforations to suit to dedicated application, be it is the Tyre Industries or IQF , you can find your belts specialised to the application.

Plastic Hinge Rods are secured with simplest and strongest locks, simply knock to replace from any side, do not bother to look for the specific side.

Positive drive any any give position on the width, High strength, Low friction, abrasion and corrosion resistance, and as usual you can built any width and length.

Product support, Side gaurd, to suit to product to be conveyed.